About PT Citra Putra Abadi

We would says thanks to God, as long as our company exist and we have a good achievement to become business company, PT Citra Putra Abadi was founded in 2013, as a local company with experiences high caliber human resources. Our concern is in maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment, we also supply that materials. Our target is safe for long live in business.

Our scope of work is – Electrical – Mechanical – & Panel Maker – General Contractors & Supply and service Air Conditioner and specially in Re Packing of Raw Material like Carbon Raiser and Green Coke,  Our job is highly technical. We will be running a business give more customer satisfaction.


Giving satisfaction for our customers and employees by striving to be highest quality product and the most efficient product in the area, so to grow our business and reliability should be to achieve success.


Our teams are very experiences in power; air conditioning system, mechanical and electrical business as management and technical function for over than 10 years, and educated from well reputable university


Our customer and prospective customer is mostly public infrastructure owns by government and private company like:

1. National Electricity Company as the state own electricity company, handling almost all:

2. Independent Power Producer.

3. Service Re Packing ( Bagging ) for Raw Material

4. Wire and Fluck / Electrode Welding

5. Manufacturing and Industrial.

6. Water Resources Company

7. Contracting Company.


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