Posted by: PT Citra Putra Abadi | 22 October 2011

Activated Alumina

Activated alumina has proven to be the most effective sorbent available for adsorption chromatography and other separation methods

As scientists continue to isolate and define exciting, useful biologic agents having application in the environmental and life science industries there is increasing demand for simple and reproducible purification methods and techniques. More and more separation scientists are discovering that the physical and chemical properties of alumina oxide (alumina) provides the best solution for their separation needs.

aluminaproductThis web based information site highlights the benefits of working with metal oxide for adsorbent applications, and opens up for technicians and scientists the usage of alumina in cell culture systems, proteinomics, chromatography as well as many other low and high pressure separation methods.

As demonstrated by 3 decades of experience in isolating plant alkaloids, alumina is indispensable for the purification of biologics. Scaling up from TLC to large scale preparative purification is simple and reproducible.

The amphoteric properties of alumina, heretofore overlooked, make alumina the superior material for use in adsorption purification methods. Make alumina your preferred adsorbent and desiccant when isolating and purifying desired products.

Source : Activated Alumina


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